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Come try something new : )

featuring DJ D▲NKC▲TZ

(from wikipedia)
Witch House is a term used to describe a fusion genre of industrial music, which features a prominent hip-hop influence, specifically the 1990s Houston chopped and screwed sound pioneered by DJ Screw. Witch House consist of applying techniques rooted in Swishahouse hip-hop – drastically slowed tempos with skipping, stop-timed beats – with signifiers of noise, drone, or shoegaze, the genre recontextualizes its forebears into a sinister, unprecedented, yet aesthetically referential atmosphere. Witch House is also influenced by hazy 1980's goth bands, including Cocteau Twins, The Cure and Dead Can Dance, as well as being heavily influenced by certain early industrial bands. The use of hip-hop drum machines, noise atmospherics, synthpop-influenced lead melodies, and heavily altered or distorted vocals is also common.

Dancing is highly encouraged. So is dressing up.

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